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The Best information systems technology company  is saudi based company was established in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with national talents to contribute and enriching local IT content and provide pioneering technical services, our distinguished team comes from technology back ground and works to provide and innovate products and services that meet the needs of the business sector in the local market and provide integrated and reliable technical solutions, We believe that bestit Company innovation and development of Saudi human capital are the cornerstone for continuing excellence and building an advanced digital future


Our Vision

To lead in providing the best cybersecurity services

Our Mission

To remain resilient in the face of change and provide the most secure, cyber services to our customers


Services & Solutions

we provide integrated digital services and solutions to ensure an efficient and secure services


Cybersecurity training


Vulnerability Assessment


Cybersecurity consultation


Managed cybersecurity services


Penetration Testing


Cybersecurity Governance, risk and compliance




SecuLetter Advanced File Security (SLF)

SLF is a file-based malware protection solution with malware analysis reverse-engineering system which monitors the file transaction from external to internal network and detects the malicious files including malicious threats. It proactively scans the file transferred to internal server and analyze the malicious attack embedded in the file.

  • •Proactively blocks the malicious content before reaching to the internal file system.

  • •Provides unlimited file size scanning.

  • •Analyze various file types such as MS Office documents, PDF, RTF, etc.

  • •Integrate with file system via SMB, NFS, SSH(SFTP) protocols.


SecuLetter Advanced Email Security (SLE)

SLE is an advanced email security solution providing multi-layered protection with malware analysis reverse-engineering system which has automatized the reverse-engineering technology and deliver the most advanced threat detection capabilities defend against advanced persistent threats originating from emails.

  • •Blocks the malicious content before reaching to the mailbox.

  • •Provides accurate diagnosis rate and reduce false positive/negative by assembly level analysis.

  • •Extensively inspect emails for encrypted, password-protected file attachment.

  • •Deploys on-premise or service integrated with client mail system.

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